Disasters: Ways to Leave a Scene

by Broken Links

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released November 19, 2012

Produced by Chris Coulter and Broken Links.
Co-Produced by Neil Kennedy.

Recorded at BL Studios, Eastleigh, UK and 'The Ranch Production House', Southampton, UK.

Art Direction by Bolt Designs.
Photography by Peter Zelei.



all rights reserved


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Broken Links Eastleigh, UK

Diving into the lyrical and musical depths of free association, taking you on an emotional rollercoaster of despair to complete arousal. Influenced by the under-currents of post-punk and New Wave, and then boxing it up into an old stone box made of pure hard industrial pop space rock and sin. A band you simply cannot ignore. ... more


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Track Name: Electrik
Through the valleys of roads and lights,
An under-driving tension,
You wanna make it out of sight,
away for your protection,

Well it forces so much,
You can't give up,
Trapped and stuck,
You think too much.

Well it hits me,
A point of view,
If it was up to me,
Time wouldn’t wait for you,
It’s a feeling I gotta get used to,
If it were up to me, this world wouldn’t wait for you.

Underneath the cover of night,
It hides too much to mention,
You only see black and white,
Electric is your depression.

Well you take on so much,
You can't give up,
Trapped and stuck,
You think too much.
Track Name: Within Isolation
Here, oh right here, in this world you call your own,
With the ceilings caving in,
We’re watching,
With no feelings.

Here, oh right here, In this world you call your own,
Well I could swear you could lose your mind,
But no one will ever know.

Well if there’s a chance we can make it,
Oh well I know,
If I stay too long I won't be going home,
No I don’t want to know, I hear you calling,
It’s a scene from not too long ago.

Don’t push or pull yourself from this darkness,
It’s far too overgrown,
And don’t waste your breath on a promise,
You’ll sink down like a stone,
I see you looking for the exits,
You stick it in your neck,
Its confidence full blown yeah,
But it hasn’t surfaced yet.
Track Name: What Are You Waiting For?
Whatever you want, will bring you to your knees,
It goes against the rules,
It’s just an answer to your cause.
When all that you want, it won’t set you free,
An idea of mine,
Of never knowing space,
A waste of time.

Well on the outside, an answer is all you’ll seek,
Well you leave me no choice,
And now you’ll pay the price.
A debt you owe, but really do not need,
Caged within your cell,
You dig the hole yourself.

No I don’t wanna start a war,
What are you waiting for?
My insides are tired of crying,
Well I’m just out of time,
Well here we will,
Start a war,
What are you all waiting for?
A slow death that proves,
There’s nothing left to live for.

Well forgive me if it’s too hard to breathe,
These months have taken their toll,
The lies they do unfold,
Hold to the last chance that you’ll bring it home to me,
Well I’m losing my touch,
You’ve wanted this so much.
Track Name: We're All Paranoid
Well in your head, you can't ignore,
You just disagree; well you & me could have the same disease.

Oh, you can't keep thinking that, just keep it to yourself,
You can't cope with the walls falling by themselves,
I'm not seeing it; just keep it to yourself,
We don't care, coz we're free,

It's all in your head,
Just suppose, just suppose

We're all paranoid; we just fortify the feeling,
I dunno why we try, try to understand the meaning,
We're all dead inside, trying to find the long way out,
We've all lost our minds, I hope the world don't bring you down.

Dunno what you've done, a secret no-one knows,
You pass it on; it's just the way you wanna go,
Don't be alarmed, you're full of it from head to toe,
Get out unharmed, well I guess you might, you never really know...

It's your troubles that, that bring no guarantees,
Just agree....you can't be free.
Track Name: Choice / Decay, Pt. 2
A head start in life, I’m glad it’s yours not mine,
To just try and shock our eyes; you’re not the thinking kind.

Take a guess, at what you’ll find out,
Memory blanks, assume beyond doubt,
Living lies, you do not know what’s true,
The truth is your only clue.

So run, for your life, into the stars tonight,
I don’t care, you can try, you’re only losing sight,
Don’t hold to the past it’s already gone,
Don’t quit before you’ve begun,
You decay without the sun.

A head, start in life, at no-ones cost but mine,
To just try & shock my mind; you’re gonna lose the fight...

Take a guess, at what you’ll find out,
Memory blanks, assumes beyond doubt,
Living lies, you do not know what’s true,
Your choice is your only clue.

So long, It’s done, I’m through,
So long, decay runs through.
Track Name: Shelter Your Loss
What you keep me for,
I’ve said too much,
You haven’t said enough,
To speak of.
Now we’ve cut you off,
A long, a long way from home.

Why’d you set it off?
Now you can’t stop,
Well I’ve had enough,
To speak of,
In a headlock,
We’ll run away from.

I cannot see that you’re watching me,
When you shoulder the blame,
While you’re all that I need.

Well I can’t see what you have in store,
What ya waiting for, oh!??

And now we’ve reached the top,
Well don't look down,
It’s a long way to drop,
To speak of.
Now you’re on the run,
Say I can’t keep up, I can’t keep up,
And here, it’s too late,
To fear now I have got, I have got too near.

How can we say,
That you’re unjust,
You’ve sheltered your loss,
You’ve ruined your trust.
Across the seas,
You are watching me,
Well a life of regret,
I can guarantee.

What are ya here for?
You say you’ve sheltered your loss,
You’ve ruined your trust.
I can see, your life’s unjust,
You’ve sheltered your loss,
You’ve ruined your trust.
Track Name: Therapy Sessions in the Dark
We’ve gotta get ourselves outta here,
We’re in a place built upon your own self-made fears,
Between a rock and a hard place where duty calls,
You realise you’re not that strong,
Well we’ve been sat in the dark so long.

You can't save me,
I will not let it breathe,
It’s just the swollen words,
That leads to your therapy.
Well you can't save me,
It’s so hard just let it be,
Well you’re cursing the times,
That led to your therapy.

And we only wanted to be loved,
But the feeling is in your bones,
Now you’re out of touch ,
I need to get myself some therapy,
I've wanted it for so long,
Help me out of my misery.
Track Name: Cherno
So what's it to be?
It's too bad, we're not innocent, innocent,
The corruption in your head,
It's just your accident, your accident.

Take your time to make it go faster,
Like they said we'd build up a wall,
So run away from this disaster,
Now I know you’re to blame for it all.

To see your life today and feel it just slipping away,
To fall, to fade, things will always be the same,
and I know that you'll be wanting yesterday,
Things will always be the same,
We're taking pills to numb the pain.

You got to burn it all, if don't you'll only fall,
Take my suggestion, take caution.
Track Name: The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men
I got these plans come on now,
And your foreign lands here to take you on,
Stretching out heaven save you,
While we’re here now no we ain’t no help.

To all theses curses,
Are all upon us,
And all your grievance,
Will take you on, and I’m all torn.

It’s all I want,
I can’t go back,
And all I want is to relax,
You can’t do that,
It’s not a match,
I swear the world has gone mad.

And to all theses curses,
Are all upon you,
You take your chance now,
I swear your wrong, the plans reborn.

It’s all I want,
I can’t go back,
All I want is to relax,
And now your back,
It’s not a match,
I swear the world has gone mad.
Track Name: What Are You Addicted To?
What do you see in life?
Well I find you want mine,
Oh how do you get to the otherside,
To get out is just a crime,
And these words may be your last,
In a world that could not care less,
Addiction starts the craze, pandemic, Scream pandemic!
Oh, now, if you can beat it out,
A sour taste will rot your mouth,
Addiction starts malaise and now we see your life decay.

Well you think you’re headstrong,
Well I can tell you that you’re wrong,
Forget what you’ve done,
Addiction starts malaise, and now we see your life decay.

You can waste away a year,
Not while living here,
Eliminate your fears,
Not while living here,
Well accidents collide,
Your life into mine,
Eliminate your fears,
Not while living here.

Oh, Why can’t you just be?
It’s so hard, to make a scene,
Oh, thoughts keep your mind at bay,
Just stay, oh why can’t you just stay?
Track Name: Substitute Yourself
Are you part of the quiet scene?
Spare the hypocrisy,
All down on your knees,
It all means nothing to me,
You part of the desperate scene?
With your self-centred dreams,
You're all full of flaws,
I guess because..It’s just my luck.

You part of the tired scene?
Dragging out what you need,
The worthless tasks you seem,
to show low self-esteem,
Are you in the required scene?
Leading people to believe,
You don't give a fuck,
I'm so fed up.....

It’s just my luck,
So out of touch,
Well we're falling through, I point the finger at you.

Get Out,
Substitute yourself; don’t wait for anyone else,
Get Out,
Substitute yourself; if you stall this then you'll never get out
Get Out,
Substitute yourself; don’t wait for anyone else,
Get Out,
Substitute yourself; in this world you can only fail.

Are you into enquires?
So tired of the scenes,
Sell out for nominal fees,
We all have the disease,
You into conspiracies?
The abnormalities,
Suspicions about,
Thrown inside out.