Divide / Restore

by Broken Links

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We're releasing a track a month up until the release date 6th April 2015


released April 6, 2015

Produced by Chris Coulter and Broken Links.

Recorded at Stakeout Studios, Hampton, UK and BL Studios, Eastleigh, UK.

Art Direction by Bolt Designs.



all rights reserved


Broken Links Eastleigh, UK

Diving into the lyrical and musical depths of free association, taking you on an emotional rollercoaster of despair to complete arousal. Influenced by the under-currents of post-punk and New Wave, and then boxing it up into an old stone box made of pure hard industrial pop space rock and sin. A band you simply cannot ignore. ... more

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Track Name: Submission
There’s no room left to breathe
It’s so bad I can’t even see
So bad it seems
So bad it bleeds
So glad I’m driven away

How many weeks left to hate?
What is there left here to break?
What does it mean?
What does it see?

My time is slipping away
We’re living life in the rain
Well it drives me insane
Will my life be the same?

Oh time please take me away
Oh time please take me away
Well it burns me out, it burns me out
Well I’m dead throughout, I’m breaking out

Let’s have a new start today
Someone please help me escape
Someone be brave
Someone be saved
Someone will die here today

I’ve had no fear to create
So much to communicate
So much for friends
So much for them
So much I’m driven away

That’s it enough
It makes me laugh
To think of you
Pushed to the edge
A spider’s web
That traps us all
You think we’re fools
I’m wiser now
The depths hell
I’ve made the change
I saved myself
It’s clearer now
You abused trust
You tainted us
We all were used
You’re not excused
A division, a decision
Track Name: The Bounty Hunter
Hunter gatherer and skip-trace through the day
What’s the contract, what’s the pay?

There’s no evidence, and no-one left to blame
What’s your question, what’s your name?

They can’t find you
I will hunt you down
They can’t see you
I will bring you down

Trawling trodden ground, and live life in red tape
You can’t be trusted, and can’t escape
Well, you can’t be reasoned with, give answers, no delay
Run your display, and run away

Your passing through
In time, I’ll move
Life’s amputee
In truth, you mean nothing more to me
Track Name: Dead Embers
We are nothing at all
We are just dead embers
Flying in and out of the walls
Into your empty souls

We have seen it all
We’ve been here one thousand years
laying down our laws
It overtakes me

Well it turns you on
That I am nothing more
Than what you make me

We are free and young
Though we lost more than won
I can’t be addicted to the time I waste on you
There’s too much hurt to be undone

We are nothing at all
We are just dead embers
Flying over darkened sprawls
Into an empty hole

We, we just want it all
You can’t see or understand
That until you’re down from the upper hand
You can’t change me
Track Name: Life of the Biologically Dead
Suffocate your final thoughts
Running away though corridors

I'm heading back without a firefight
Out on a limb, I will not crawl
Trapped in this room now with hindsight
The walls are thin
they cannot not fall

Your eyes dilate, you’re insecure
I cannot relate to you no more

We’re reaching up out of the divide
Where have we been, I can’t recall
Our lives have turned into a landslide.
I cannot win, you'll take it all

This is my resurrection; I’ve been waiting for so long
This is my resurrection; I’ve been waiting for so long
Crying out, crying out
For salvation
Crying out, crying out
I’m not the last one

Suffocate your final words
A heavy weight you can’t reverse
Track Name: I'll Run Away
I see you’re rushing, you’re under strain
Oh I wanted nothing, to ease your pain

It’s not the same
It’ll never change
It’s not the same
I’ll run away
I’ll run away

I see you’re suffering, you’re raising doubt
No point in trying, till we burn out

I wanted something more than you’d ever give
You’re only sticking around to see what you can get
Too many problems still remain, I’ve got fear within my veins
Track Name: Blood On the Motorway
Take a trip into the heart of it,
Walk amongst the enraged crowd,
Well I tried, but then, I gave up,
Oh I tried, but then, I gave up

Red light, egos,
Flatline, psychos
In this town I wanna hear you say,
There’s blood on the motorway,
Braindead, freakshows,
Wasted, zeros,
This town ain’t ever gonna find its way.

Just how long till you destroy yourself,
Watch this place come crumbling down,
It will always be the same,
No it won’t ever change.

It will not change
Track Name: Asphalt
When your heart stops beating
Oh I’m gonna watch you drown
When your heart stops beating
Oh you’ll never make a sound
When my heart stops beating
I’ll run through the way I fell
When my heart stops beating
No-one will ever tell

It’s the only way I know
With one way left to go

Oh what are we seeking?
Will no-one ever help us through?
And while we’re still living
You’ll find nothing is ever true
Well now my hearts stopped beating
No-one can hear me shout
Well now my heart's stopped beating
I’m on my way out

It’s the only way I know
With one way left to go
I’m calling out, I’m calling out to you
Please help me out I will not make it through

Ignore what the signs meant
It’s all within my head
Go back retrace your steps
Prepare yourself for death
Track Name: The Sickness in Your Eyes
Second chances to drag it out
Second changes to live without
It will just fail
A blinded victim of selfish doubt
You’re running desperate across the town
Well I know it’s lies in

The Sickness In Your Eyes
Why am I surprised?
By The Sickness In Your Eyes
Why has it Surprised us apart
Now we have to leave and cover it with lies

Second chances to interact
Second chances to bring it back
Stuck in this trap
A poison number that can’t be count
Well I’m so glad now that I got out
Well I can hear the cries in
Track Name: What You Want
You know I’m never coming back
What’s done is done and that is that
It sucked me in and got me trapped
Oh you hit the switch I saw the cracks
And overtook the inside track
You’ve got no option but to attack, and attack

Fighting in a fit of rage
We haven’t been outside for days
It’s gone and set this town ablaze
Hiding behind a smokescreen
Fucking like you are machines
Destroy it now by all means

We drown it out, pretend it don’t exist
We drown it out
If you open up you’ll find
We’ve reached the end of the line
Hold on to it, and then drown it out
What were you expecting to find?
Get outta here we ain’t got the time

It’s taken grip it’s out of control
Eating through your wretched soul
How long you’ve got I just do not know

Trapped with insecurities
Suffocating like a disease
It’s got you down to your knees

If you find you’re trapped again
You need to get out, but you can’t
You’ve almost reached the bitter end
When all that you get is never what you want
Track Name: Unnatural
It takes a life to drag it out
It’s so different now
I took my time to find myself
It’s so different now

No you won’t be blamed
No I won’t feel shame
It’s unnatural
No you won’t believe
No I won’t deceive
It’s unnatural

I thought I knew things inside out
It’s so different now
It’s not your fault you tell yourself
It’s so different now

And I won’t descend
And you won’t depend on
It’s unnatural
And I cannot trust
And you cannot be lost
It’s unnatural

Keep holding on
Biting on your tongue
I won’t be here long
I will not respond

You fought but now the lights gone out
It’s so different now
I light a match to burn myself
It’s so different now

Yes I’m not afraid
Yes you can’t explain
It’s unnatural
Yes you will compete
Yes I feel defeat
It’s unnatural

Keep holding on
Biting to your tongue
I won’t be here long
I will not respond
Keep holding on
To where it all begun
I won’t be here long
You've been lying all along
Keep holding on
Biting to your tongue
I won’t be here long
Dead forever long